Creating a Year-End Portfolio

Whether you are required to by law or choose to organize memories of your homeschool journey, creating a year-end portfolio is an excellent habit for homeschool families. In one binder you can see at a glance what books your student used, what subjects they studied, and samples of their work. A year-end portfolio provides value both now and in the future and can quickly be put together at the end of the year when you clean out your school shelves. Continue reading “Creating a Year-End Portfolio”

SAT, ACT, and CLT Tests

If you have a high school student, it is time to start thinking about college entrance exams: the SAT and ACT, or the CLT. My goal is to provide you with basic information about the tests to get you started. There is so much available online that I recommend you and your student invest plenty of time researching the free information. Your child’s high school transcript together with the college entrance exam scores determine their college admittance and scholarship awards. Therefore understanding when to take the tests and what kind of scores colleges are looking for is very important. Continue reading “SAT, ACT, and CLT Tests”

Creating a High School Transcript

Creating a high school transcript for your homeschooled student is a quick and simple process. A high school transcript is a one page summary of your student’s academic achievements. Communicate clearly by keeping it simple and straightforward. While you have freedom to create an individualized homeschool program, a transcript that looks as much like a public school transcript as possible will be easily understood by others. Once you understand a few facts about a high school transcript you can easily create one for your student. Continue reading “Creating a High School Transcript”