Abbreviated School Days When Life Gets Crazy

Have you planned abbreviated school days to fall back on when life takes a left turn toward crazy? Life does get crazy. Sometimes it’s genuine emergencies like car accidents or trips to the hospital. Sometimes you just have a day when you have to grocery shop, get 3 kids to the dentist, and have invited company for dinner. These are the days when schooling takes a back seat to life. I guarantee these days are coming. By planning ahead and writing down three simple learning activities your kids can do by themselves, you can fit in an abbreviated school day even when life gets crazy. Continue reading “Abbreviated School Days When Life Gets Crazy”

Multiply Time Using Intentional Conversations

Create space in your busy life to have intentional conversations with your children about their school work or the books they are reading.  Rather than endless chit chat about nothing, purposefully ask questions of your children. Taking just a few minutes each day while your hands are busy to engage your children’s minds will multiply your limited time as a homeschool mom. Continue reading “Multiply Time Using Intentional Conversations”

Meal Planning for Overwhelmed Homeschool Moms

If you are an overwhelmed homeschool mom, you need to add meal planning to your weekly routine. Meal planning is not one more task to bog you down and prove, once again, that you’re failing life. In minutes you can make a meal plan that really works for you, frees up extra time, and helps you put good food on the table every night. The hour before dinner will no longer be the most stressful hour of the day. Here’s how to make a realistic meal plan that can transform dinner. Continue reading “Meal Planning for Overwhelmed Homeschool Moms”