Memorize Poetry: Toward the Love and Mastery of Language

In just a few minutes a day, and for almost no money, you can do one simple thing to provide your kids with an extraordinary home education: memorize poetry. Memory is a muscle that you strengthen with use, and there are so many possibilities for memory work that you may feel overwhelmed. We focus most of our memory efforts on learning Scripture and poetry by heart. Every Scripture verse your kids memorize bears within it, by the power of God, the possibility of a lifetime of fruit. I think memorizing poetry is one of the next best choices you can make. Poetry will form your kids into deep thinkers and excellent communicators.  It promises multiple benefits: developing powers of language, expression, and aesthetic appreciation in your kids. Poetry promises hours of enjoyment as well. Continue reading “Memorize Poetry: Toward the Love and Mastery of Language”

Give Kids Time to Pursue Personal Interests

When do you give your kids time to pursue personal interests? Do you give them a chance to try a wide variety of hobbies? Is there time in your lifestyle for them to fail at something?

As parents we cannot know everything our child enjoys and is good at. Instead, our role is to help guide them through the discovery process. There are many ways a thoughtful parent can help a child find the ways God has gifted them, but one of the best ways is simply to allow them time to explore a wide variety of activities. Then use the high school years to delve deep into their favorite areas. Build time into your weekly schedule for your children to pursue their own interests. Continue reading “Give Kids Time to Pursue Personal Interests”

Stay Home to Do School

How many days a week do you stay home and do school? Homeschoolers have so many options and so much freedom now, that we’re often out and about during school hours. Have you ever stopped to think about whether all of the activities you have chosen add to your child’s education or detract from the important learning that should happen every day. If you have a crazy busy weekday schedule, cutting activities and staying at home will help you homeschool well.

Continue reading “Stay Home to Do School”