Creating a Year-End Portfolio

Whether you are required to by law or choose to organize memories of your homeschool journey, creating a year-end portfolio is an excellent habit for homeschool families. In one binder you can see at a glance what books your student used, what subjects they studied, and samples of their work. A year-end portfolio provides value both now and in the future and can quickly be put together at the end of the year when you clean out your school shelves. Continue reading “Creating a Year-End Portfolio”

Giving High School Grades

Are you lying awake in bed at night worrying about giving high school grades and putting them on a transcript? Do you envision finally destroying your children’s futures by getting this wrong? There is no need to fear. Ordinary moms (and dads) can give high school grades, and do a good job of it, with just a little thought and research. If God has made you competent to educate your children, you are certainly competent to evaluate their learning and transcribe it into a letter grade. When you finish this article, I want you have confidence; you can do this! And you will do this because assigning high school grades is absolutely necessary. Continue reading “Giving High School Grades”