Books About Old Testament Times

If you plan to study history chronologically and to incorporate the Bible into your study of history, here are some books to read in addition to the Bible. I gave book recommendations for the study of Ancient Egypt in my posts 10 Picture Books About Ancient Egypt and Books About Ancient Egypt for Older Readers. The Bible itself is enough, but if you’re looking for books to use as literature selections or for a family read aloud, here are a couple ideas. Continue reading “Books About Old Testament Times”

Begin Every Day With Bible Time

We love to begin every day with Bible time. You may call it family worship, family altar, or family devotions. It is all the same idea. We all gather around the table or in the living room and open our Bibles. Daily Bible time doesn’t require a Bible curriculum, advanced planning, or special skills. It is no more complicated than sharing your love for the Word of God with your children. Continue reading “Begin Every Day With Bible Time”