9 Reasons I Do Not Give Homeschool Grades

Have you wondered how to assign homeschool grades to your child? I do not think you need to give grades in the elementary years. I never assigned a single letter grade until high school. Even then, grades were more of a formality than a tracking measure of how well my kids were doing on a daily basis. As a homeschool parent you can let go of grades and look for better ways to measure your child’s growth in learning.  Continue reading “9 Reasons I Do Not Give Homeschool Grades”

Four Daily Homemaking Habits

Are there piles of dishes stacked around your sink? Is there a mountain of clean laundry on the couch? Are you stressed about dinner? It is another night to order pizza or have cereal for dinner. How many meals in a row can feed your kids cereal and get away with it? Did you last clean the toilet so long ago that you can’t remember when that was? Laundry, dishes, dinner, and basic cleaning are the tasks you need to keep up with on a daily basis, or you will be drowning in a mess, feeling chronically overwhelmed. Homemaking and homeschooling go hand in hand.  Continue reading “Four Daily Homemaking Habits”

Turn Off Screens While You Homeschool

You know you need to turn off screens while you homeschool. Do you constantly have to say no to a little one asking to watch their favorite show during the school morning? Are you turning off videos before math and grabbing your phone from their hand before spelling? The list of shows, social media platforms, and video games vying for our children’s attention is longer than the list of school subjects we teach each day. The battle against technology during learning time is a huge battle for me and almost every homeschool parent. These constant low-grade battles wear us out as mothers.  Continue reading “Turn Off Screens While You Homeschool”