Vary activities in the school morning

When you vary your children’s homeschool activities you can accomplish more school work in less time. You’ve heard the expression “A change is as good as a rest.” The same idea applies to your child’s school morning. Take a few minutes to think about what each subject requires of your children – fine motor skills, careful thought, quiet listening – and then try to make sure that as they move from one subject to the next there is variety in what is required of them. Continue reading “Vary activities in the school morning”

Teach Science Without a Curriculum

Can you teach elementary science without a curriculum? Absolutely! I think your kids will enjoy studying science in this way far more than using a typical science textbook. Science is fun and delightful discovery. Ask yourself if your kids see it that way? If not, experiment with dropping the boring textbook and teach elementary science without a curriculum. I hypothesize that you’ll love it. Continue reading “Teach Science Without a Curriculum”

9 Reasons I Do Not Give Homeschool Grades

Have you wondered how to assign homeschool grades to your child? I do not think you need to give grades in the elementary years. I never assigned a single letter grade until high school. Even then, grades were more of a formality than a tracking measure of how well my kids were doing on a daily basis. As a homeschool parent you can let go of grades and look for better ways to measure your child’s growth in learning.  Continue reading “9 Reasons I Do Not Give Homeschool Grades”