Books About Old Testament Times

If you plan to study history chronologically and to incorporate the Bible into your study of history, here are some books to read in addition to the Bible. I gave book recommendations for the study of Ancient Egypt in my posts 10 Picture Books About Ancient Egypt and Books About Ancient Egypt for Older Readers. The Bible itself is enough, but if you’re looking for books to use as literature selections or for a family read aloud, here are a couple ideas. Continue reading “Books About Old Testament Times”

John Bunyan and Pilgrim’s Progress

John Bunyan wrote a little book. His little book ranks as the second best selling book of all time, after the Bible. In a cold and filthy prison, surrounded by despair and death, John Bunyan dreamed a dream.  He scratched out the words of an allegory and he called it Pilgrim’s Progress. His work has been so influential that every homeschooler, even every Christian, should read and know John Bunyan and Pilgrim’s Progress. Continue reading “John Bunyan and Pilgrim’s Progress”

Books About Ancient Egypt for Older Readers

Here are eight books about Ancient Egypt for older readers. As you are studying ancient civilizations with your little ones, you naturally want to include older children as well.  Many of the picture books I included in my post 10 Picture Books About Ancient Egypt have enough substance that upper elementary and junior high school students can learn from them. Let’s be honest, moms learn from them as well! But older children not only need a few facts and dates, they also need reading material that stretches their reading comprehension. Continue reading “Books About Ancient Egypt for Older Readers”