Creating a Year-End Portfolio

Whether you are required to by law or choose to organize memories of your homeschool journey, creating a year-end portfolio is an excellent habit for homeschool families. In one binder you can see at a glance what books your student used, what subjects they studied, and samples of their work. A year-end portfolio provides value both now and in the future and can quickly be put together at the end of the year when you clean out your school shelves. Continue reading “Creating a Year-End Portfolio”

Abbreviated School Days When Life Gets Crazy

Have you planned abbreviated school days to fall back on when life takes a left turn toward crazy? Life does get crazy. Sometimes it’s genuine emergencies like car accidents or trips to the hospital. Sometimes you just have a day when you have to grocery shop, get 3 kids to the dentist, and have invited company for dinner. These are the days when schooling takes a back seat to life. I guarantee these days are coming. By planning ahead and writing down three simple learning activities your kids can do by themselves, you can fit in an abbreviated school day even when life gets crazy. Continue reading “Abbreviated School Days When Life Gets Crazy”

12 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Christian College

Here are twelve questions to ask when you are evaluating a Christian college. Are you in the process of making a decision but find the process overwhelming? Is it hard to really tell what type of Christian college you are looking at? My husband and I both attended Christian colleges, he worked at Christian and private colleges for fifteen years, and now two of our kids attend a Christian college. We love Christian higher education. But not every school is worth the tuition or the spiritual cost. I hope you find these twelve questions helpful in determining what kind of Christian college your child is considering and whether or not it will be worth it. Continue reading “12 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Christian College”